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Vehicular Technology

Deceleration-based Design Auxiliary Energy Source for Electric Vehicle Applications 2E Abstract PDF
Aree Wangsupphaphol, Nik Rumzi Nik Idris, Awang Jusoh, Nik Din Muhamad
Closed-Form Expressions for the BER/SER of OFDM Systems with Integer Time Offset Abstract PDF
Ahmed M. Hamza, Jon W. Mark
Extrapolation of MIMO Mobile-to-Mobile Wireless Channels Using Parametric Model Based Prediction Abstract PDF
Ramoni Adeogun, Paul Teal, Pawel Dmochowski
Multiuser Two-Way Non-Regenerative MIMO Relaying With Non-Concurrent Traffic Abstract PDF
Rohit Budhiraja
Two-Dimensional Resource Pattern Optimization for Interference Avoidance in Heterogeneous Networks Abstract PDF
Peng Liu, Jiandong Li, Kan Wang, Hongyan Li
Novel Closed-Form Exact Expressions and Asymptotic Analysis for the Symbol Error Rate of Single and Multiple-Branch MRC and EGC Receivers over alpha-mu Fading Abstract PDF
Moataz M. H. El Ayadi, Mahmoud Hamed Ismail
Deceleration-based Design Auxiliary Power Source for Electric Vehicle Applications 1E Abstract PDF
Aree Wangsupphaphol, Nik Rumzi Nik Idris, Awang Jusoh, Nik Din Muhamad
Effective Urban Traffic Monitoring by Vehicular Sensor Networks Abstract PDF
Rong Du, Cailian Chen, Bo Yang, Ning Lu, Xuemin Sherman Shen
Impact of Retransmission Limit on Preamble Contention in LTE-Advanced Network 3E Abstract PDF
Revak R. Tyagi, Frank Aurzada, Ki-Dong Lee, Sang Kim, Martin Reisslein
Mobility Aware Data Delivery in Vehicular ad hoc Networks Abstract PDF
Syed Muzakkir Ahmed, Mohammed Eunus Ali, Tanzima Hashem