Configure Serverov (2019-03-03)


Select a hardware platform


Performance. Free computing power is distributed more efficiently, performance jumps disappear when performing tasks with different resource requirements. Equipment from different manufacturers works in concert and without failures caused by incompatibility.

Automation. Simple centralized management of SDS from one console reduces labor costs and infrastructure maintenance costs.

Flexibility. Software-defined storage systems систем хранения are deployed on any hardware of one or several manufacturers. The resulting system is easily scaled.

Efficiency. The use of standardized equipment instead of proprietary reduces the cost of ownership of the IT infrastructure and makes it possible to efficiently use space in racks.

Transparency. Special tools allow you to manage consumed resources and control their cost.

Fault tolerance. In an emergency, the купить storage system continues to work normally with replication tools.

Adaptation. SDS quickly adapts to the rapid and frequent changes in equipment in data centers.