File storage

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File storage


Each company from the first days of work there is a need for data storage. As the amount of information is continuously increasing, the requirements for tools that can satisfy it are changing. Today, the task of data storage is one of the most common in the IT industry and sought after by businesses. We successfully solve it using file storage.

Why file storage is necessary

Business processes in the company are due to the constant exchange of information. But before you establish this exchange, you should properly organize data storage. By data, we mean files of different types: office documents, scanned materials, drawings, images and other multimedia content. The loss of information leads to negative consequences: from downtime (and, accordingly, material loss) to the disclosure of confidential information. Therefore, it is important to implement file storage in such a way that the system is reliable, fault-tolerant and scalable.

Selection of tools for organizing file storage серверное

For organized data storage using file systems, storage and other equipment. When the enterprise has a centralized file storage, the employee gets access to it and tools for exchanging information.

When choosing a file solution, the following conditions are taken into account:

requirements from a technical task drawn up by engineers;

the number of employees and jobs in the enterprise;

types and estimated file sizes.

For example, for a company with a staff of 50 people working with office documents, 2-3 large disk drives will be required. For a corporation with 500 employees and a large amount of video content, a data center with several servers, disk drives and other equipment will be required.

The organization of file storage is in demand among most of our clients, купить enterprises with different numbers of employees and different business processes. The customer can solve this problem on his own or contact ITELON specialists . We will offer ready-made storage systems with file access, we will be able to scale in the future and back up on a regular basis.

Implementation options

Select a hardware platform manufacturer.