Configure Serverov (2019-03-03)


Backup systems

Usually, archiving is performed for data associated with a particular project, and not with the entire system. The archiving process, as a rule, is initiated by users, while backup copies (backups) are created automatically.

Today, any company basically uses exactly the backup information (backup), in order to always be able to quickly and fully restore the performance of the information system of their organization in case of any failures, errors and loss of information for any reason.

Maximum reliability, minimum cost

The use of appropriate modern equipment in combination with specialized software will make it possible not only to create a reliable system for automatically saving daily copies of all data for subsequent recovery, but also to minimize the cost of owning such a system, thanks to its maximum optimization. The use of modern systems made up of the most advanced components with effective technical indicators will ensure the highest possible level of reliability of data storage and recovery, along with a fairly simple control method.


Effective use of equipment

Saving information to removable media

Ability to free up space on the local disk

Reliable storage of data, files and directories

The ability to quickly recover lost data

Archiving information in its original form

Automatic daily backup for instant recovery of the organization’s information system

Maximum optimization of the backup system and minimum costs

Implementation options

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